VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC)

The IT solution you need

Virginia state employees have options when it comes to computer-related questions or issues. Calling the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) is just one path to a solution. There are also do-it-yourself tools to reset a password or submit and track tickets, and a library of articles and instructions to answer questions.

Report an outage * Request service Report an incident * Request service

Call 1 (866) 637-8482 (toll free) to report an outage* or request service. Or email the VCCC at

*Please note: Email should not be used to report critical issues or outages impacting an agency. To report a critical issue, please call the VCCC directly.

For faster phone support

A VCCC analyst can often respond faster if you have the following information when you call:

  • For password resets or locked accounts you'll need your PIN (personal identification number) and data that verifies your eligibility
  • Your e-mail address & phone number
  • A description of the problem and whether it affects others in your office or on your team

DIY (do-it-yourself) for common IT issues DIY (Do-It-Yourself) for common IT issues

For many IT issues, you can go to, or you are on the COV domain) to resolve or research common IT-related issues.

Web ticketing 

Use the Web ticketing tool in eSupport to create a ticket and view its status in real-time.

Find instructions for common IT tasks

Search more than 1,000 knowledge articles for instructions on completing common tasks.

Reset your password

If you're on the COV network, you can change your domain password by going to Once there, then click on the "Change your Password" option under "COV Network Password. When asked for your login ID, enter your network/Windows ID used to login into your workstation.

REMINDER: All COV domain account holders must change their passwords regularly, so be sure to use the online tool to minimize disruption to your work.

Escalate concerns * Give feedback Escalate concerns * Give feedback

For individual issues relating to a ticket please contact the VCCC directly and, if necessary, ask to speak with a supervisor.

If you believe your customer service issue is of higher severity than designated and want to escalate it, please contact your agency IT resource (AITR). Your AITR will work with VITA and Northrop Grumman to request a change to the impact or urgency level.

You also can provide general feedback about IT services or specific feedback about the VCCC or eSupport, the new online option that allows Commonwealth employees to access IT information, reset passwords or submit trouble tickets to