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Details on Year-End Purchase

For complete details on Year-End Purchases made through VITA, please click here.

New "Micro Business" category from the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity

Effective October 1, 2014, all state purchases under $10,000 shall be set aside for micro-businesses when the price quoted is fair and reasonable. Suppliers interested in finding out more information on this new category can click here for more details.  

Verizon Business will no longer offer or support long distance calling card services

Effective Nov. 30, 2014, Verizon Business will no longer offer or support long distance calling card services. The decommissioning of these services will impact state agencies, institutions of higher education and other public bodies who utilize calling card services through VITA or directly from Verizon using the VITA COVANET contract. Given technology and industry trends to bundle long distance with local services and the low demand for calling card services, VITA will not offer a statewide replacement service. Public entities with a continued requirement for calling cards will need to seek other sources to obtain the card using the appropriate purchasing methods.

Customers who are invoiced directly by Verizon for calling card services should contact their Verizon Business Representative if there are other questions. State agencies should contact their AITR or VITA customer account manager (CAM) if there are additional questions or if guidance is needed.

Private non-profit institutions of higher education can use VITA's statewide contracts

The 2014 General Assembly amended 2.2-2012 of the Code of Virginia by adding Section E which provides as follows: E. VITA shall allow private institutions of higher education chartered in Virginia and granted tax-exempt status under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to purchase directly from contracts established for state agencies and public bodies by VITA. A list of the private institutions eligible to use VITA’s statewide contracts can be found at

VITA is in the process of amending each of its statewide contracts to provide that private institutions of higher education who qualify will be authorized users of VITA’s statewide contracts.

Reminder to Verizon Local Services DSP (Direct Service Plan) customers

As published in the October 2013 edition of the "Network News," VITA denied Verizon's claim that the commonwealth should be paying Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fees for contract services under its local services contract. VITA will reject such amounts as invalid and erroneous should Verizon invoice VITA for FUSF fees. Verizon may still pursue invoicing FUSF fees to DSP customers. VITA recommends that DSP customers which are invoiced directly for services by Verizon closely monitor their invoices for FUSF fees and consult their legal counsel for specific guidance or advice.

Please direct specific questions to

APR changes do not impact procurement delegation - see link 

CIO Approval for Cooperative Procurements 

Reminder: Agencies and institutions can not conduct cooperative procurements for IT goods and services without having such procurements approved by the Commonwealth CIO as required by §2.2-4304 of the Code of Virginia.  Agencies and institutions cannot establish IT contracts for use by other public bodies without prior CIO approval.  In addition, only VITA may establish IT contracts for statewide use.

Price Shopping for Cellular Services

Looking at ways to stretch your wireless budget?  Check out VITA's current comparison of all contracted carriers.  The chart provides details on pay as you go plans, individual plans, pool (shared minutes), voice and data and mobile data.

Click here for the comparison chart

What is Supply Chain Management?

VITA's Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the Commonwealth of Virginia's Information Technology (IT) procurement and sourcing hub. If we were to overly simplify our mission, we would say we strive to consolidate and leverage the Commonwealth's buying power. And, if provided for in the solicitation or contract, all public bodies can utilize statewide contracts developed by VITA.    

SCM's procurement professionals are committed to developing value-driven IT contracts that enable users of these contracts to benefit their organizations and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our services include:

  • Consolidating and leveraging the Commonwealth's buying power;
  • Announcing, awarding, and maintaining statewide contracts for the purchase of information technology and telecommunications goods and services;
  • Providing sourcing expertise and contracting assistance for state agencies and institutions procuring IT and telecommunications goods and services; and
  • Providing market analysis, supplier analysis and sourcing consulting for state agencies and institutions;
  • Inviting, promoting, and sustaining increased access, participation, and partnerships with small, minority- and women-owned businesses.

Who can use our contracts?

All public bodies can utilize statewide contracts developed by VITA, if provided for in the solicitation or contract.

What are the benefits of using VITA IT contracts?

There are some very obvious advantages of using the VITA IT contracts.

  • Your organization is able to get the best value for your purchases. And, as more and more organizations utilize these contracts, we are able to aggregate more and more demand. The result is we will be able to continually develop contracts with vendors that bring more value for you.
  • Not having to bid your items will save valuable time and effort. All you have to do is order from the 300 IT and telecommunication contracts that are available for you.
  • Use our database to research thousands of vendors if you are looking for something that is not on contract.
  • Subscribe to our email service that routinely updates you as new contracts are made available for your use.
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  • DSBSD- Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
  • NIGP- National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
  • VAGP- Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing

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